Special Issue: The Translation of Dialects in Multimedia. Round two

Giovanni Nadiani & Chris Rundle (SSLMIT – University of Bologna, Italy) The study of dialect as an opportunity to redefine what we mean by multimedia translation studies. 

The Didactic of Audiovisual Translation

Diaz Cintas, Jorge Amsterdam/New York, Rodopi

Respeaking the BBC news

Eugeni, Carlo (2009) in The Sign Language Translator and Interpreter 3:1 Manchester , St. Jerome: 29-68 Respeaking is a recently introduced technique used by many broadcasters to subtitle their live output in real-time. Given the increasingly widespread academic, professional and social interest in this technique and the lack of literature in the field (Eugeni and Mack 2006), this […]

Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling

Diaz Cintas, Jorge & Aline Remael (2007) Manchester, St Jerome

The Power of Film Translation

Szarkowska, Agnieszka (2005) in Translation Journal Volume 9, No. 2, April http://translationjournal.net/journal/ L’articolo parla della trasmissione degli stereotipi culturali trasmessi dalla screen translation ma è soprattutto una bella overview del sottotitolaggio e del doppiaggio in Europa. ABSTRACT The objective of this paper is to demonstrate the great power of film translation. This aim is accomplished by presenting the […]

La traduction audiovisuelle: un genre en expansion

Gambier, Yves (2004) in Meta 49:1 Montréal, Les presses de l’université de Montréal: 1-11   » Read online

Subtitling: the long journey to academic acknowledgement

Díaz Cintas, Jorge (2004) in The Journal of Specialised Translation Issue 01 – January 2004 http://www.jostrans.org/ ABSTRACT The present article is part of a wider translation project from Spanish carried out by Juan Abad, Judith Harling, Yuka Miyakita, Mark Seager and Christina Wiggins, students at the University of Surrey Roehampton. Audiovisual translation seems to have been absent from […]

Translation in a Confined Space – part 2

Schwarz, Barbara (2003) in Translation Journal Vol. 7 No. 1 http://www.accurapid.com/journal/   » Read online

Subtitling Irony: Blackadder in Dutch

Pelsmaekers, Katja & Fred Van Besien (2002) in The Translator 8:2 Manchester, St. Jerome: 241-266 Abstract from The Translator‘s website: Katja Pelsmaeker (University of Antwerp, Belgium) & Fred Van Besien (Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst, Belgium). Whereas the exact nature of the relation between humour and verbal irony has not been fully established yet, humour has often been seen as […]

(Multi)media translation. Concepts, practices and research

Gambier, Yves & Henrik Gottlieb (eds) (2001) Amsterdam and Philadelphia, John Benjamins