Special Issue: The Translation of Dialects in Multimedia. Round two

Giovanni Nadiani & Chris Rundle (SSLMIT – University of Bologna, Italy) The study of dialect as an opportunity to redefine what we mean by multimedia translation studies. 

Proposta di sottotitolaggio del film Notting Hill

Aloisi, Laura (2004) Università di Bologna, SSLiMIT Forlì Questa tesi è stata effettuata nell’ambito del progetto di ricerca Subtitleproject. This thesis was carried out under the auspices of the Subtitleproject. ABSTRACT This dissertation is about subtitling and is part of a project called Subtitle Project, whose aim is to study the market of subtitling in Italy. The author […]

Topics in Audiovisual Translation

Orero, Pilar (eds) (2004) Amsterdam & Philadelphia, John Benjamins The growing interest in the area of Audiovisual Translation is a clear indication that this discipline is going to set the agenda for the theory, research, training and practice of translation in the twenty-first century. This collection of essays reflects not only the “state of the art” […]

(Multi)media translation. Concepts, practices and research

Gambier, Yves & Henrik Gottlieb (eds) (2001) Amsterdam and Philadelphia, John Benjamins