Respeaking the BBC news

Eugeni, Carlo (2009) in The Sign Language Translator and Interpreter 3:1 Manchester , St. Jerome: 29-68 Respeaking is a recently introduced technique used by many broadcasters to subtitle their live output in real-time. Given the increasingly widespread academic, professional and social interest in this technique and the lack of literature in the field (Eugeni and Mack 2006), this […]

inTRAlinea. Special issue: Respeaking

Eugeni, Carlo & Gabriele Mack (eds) (2006) n inTRAlinea New Technologies in Real Time Intralingual Subtitling. First international seminar on new technologies in real time intralingual subtitling. Forlì, 17 November 2006 » Read online

Audiovisual Translation and Language Learning: The Promotion of Intralingual Subtitles

Caimi, Annamaria (2006) in JoSTrans Issue 06 Edited by Díaz Cintas, Jorge & Pilar Orero & Aline Remael ABSTRACT The double function of intralingual subtitles as accessibility and didactic aids is considered from a linguistic and cultural perspective, in order to highlight the importance of intralingual subtitled videos as language learning tools. Empirical and theoretical insights are […]