New Insights into Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility. Media for All 2

Diaz Cintas, Jorge & Ana Matamala , Neves, Joselia (eds) (2010) Amsterdam/New York, Rodopi This volume aims to take the pulse of the changes taking place in the field of Audiovisual Translation and to offer new insights into both theoretical and practical issues. This volume is organised in three distinctive sections pivoting around the main areas […]

Media for all: subtitling for the deaf, audio description, and sign language

Diaz Cintas, Jorge & Pilar Orero , Remael, Aline (eds) (2007) Amsterdam/New York, Rodopi This book offers a survey of the present state of affairs in media accessibility research and practice. It focuses on professional practices which are relative newcomers within the field of audiovisual translation and media studies, namely, audio description for the blind and […]

Standardisation Requirements for Access to Digital TV and Interactive Services by Disabled People

Stallard, Gerry (2003)   » Read online