Proposta di sottotitolaggio del film “The meaning of life” dei Monty Python

Marchi, Jacopo (2005)

Università di Bologna, SSLiMIT Forlì

Questa tesi è stata effettuata nell’ambito del progetto di ricerca Subtitleproject.
This thesis was carried out under the auspices of the Subtitleproject.

The aim of the following dissertation is to show the complexity of the type of translation known as subtitling by analysing it from a theoretical point of view and a practical one. All this to demonstrate that subtitling doesn’t obey to strict rules but rather to changing demands due to several factors that, according to the circumstance, would be economical, socio-linguistic or culture-bound. This piece of work is structured in three main sections. While the first chapter consists of a brief introduction on the debate within the scientific research on multimedial translation, the second chapter is focused on the history of subtitling and on the description of its characteristics and norms. In the third and final chapter, the practice of subtitling is analysed: the comparison between the real world of work and a real professional situation’s simulation (followed by a commentary on the adaptor-translator’s choices) led to considerations on the nature of professional subtitling and on its constraints towards theory. All the considerations sprung throughout the thesis have been collected and discussed, finally, in the conclusion.