JoSTrans – Journal of Specialized Translation


Online translation journal with a number of articles on AVT. In particular Issue 06 is a special issue on AVT edited by Jorge Diaz Cintaz, Pilar Orero and Aline Remael.

The journal covers the following areas:
→ Features of specialised language
→ General and practical issues in translation and interpreting
→ Subject field translation issues, i.e. medical, legal, financial, multi-media, localisation, etc
→ Theoretical issues in specialised translation
→ Aspects of training and teaching specialised translation

From the journal’s editorial page:
“We are particularly interested in providing a space where cultural aspects of specialised translation can be discussed and we encourage a comparative approach across languages, subject fields and methodologies. We also welcome contributions from related disciplines such as linguistics, philosophy and cultural studies which touch on issues of specialised translation.”